A birdseye maple & ebony sneaky pete cue I recently finished featuring a 3/8-10 joint pin made from G10. For those who don't already know G10 is a glass epoxy laminate. The material is very strong and light in weight making it a good choice for heavier cues. g10

This deluxe sneaky pete has been sold. The price for this cue is $495 which included 2 shafts, 4 sets of fancy ring packs and shipping. I will be offering some sneaky petes later this month starting as low as $200.


Here is the new .360-11 joint pin I will be using in my cues.

It is very similar to the stub acme thread form. It will use the minor diameter to locate in the shaft as opposed to the a common 60 degree thread that locates using the flanks of the thread.

There is a ton of useful information I obtained from the Machinery's Handbook regarding thread forms.

I have to turn wood next week and plan to include some new images of the new stock.