Stunning Thuya Burl

I apologize for not getting more cues up for immediate sale on the web site. Business has been good and recent dealer inquiries have made any extra cues unavailable. I still plan to make some available but due to my limited production and current orders I can't say when I'll have some up there.

I wanted to acknowledge two of my friends and fellow cue makers Jeff Olney and Dave Barenbrugge. I have exchanged many ideas and thoughts with the both of them and appreciate their ongoing support.

Jeff has his own web site that can be found here...

Olney Custom Cues

Dave Barenbrugge's web site can be found here...

Barenbruggue Cues

I have updated my customer appreciation page and again would like to thank everyone who has ordered a cue with me.

Things are continually getting busier for me in the shop and online. I received over 200 emails last month alone, about 75% were cue related and I answered around 100 of them. Please bare with me if you happen not to have heard back from me yet. Also don't hesitate to re-email me as I sometimes get side tracked.

Just completed for Jessie Renteria. This cue features a 3 section handle of cored thuya burl with an ebony front & back. This cue sold for $650. The thuya burl really makes this cue special.