Brunswick-Balke-Collender Conversion

Several months ago I took on an unusual project for Greg Howard. Greg had a 50 year old Brunswick-Balke-Collender house cue that he wanted converted into something special. I wish I had taken some pictures of the cue in it's original condition but the camera wasn't handy at the time. b1

The cue was very light weighing only 16 ounces. Typically this conversion involves cutting the cue in half and putting in a joint. After thinking about it I decided to cut the butt in to segments and install a new maple handle. This allowed me to redistribute & add weight to the cue and for aesthetic reasons I wanted move the butterfly splice above the wrap area. This also changed the proportions dimensionally and allowed me some room to turn a modern taper on the butt. The final weight of the cue was a well balanced 19 ounces.

Greg was also very fond of the idea of a cork wrap, so that was also installed. Two new shafts, some fancy ring packs and a nice finish transformed this old cue into a nice playable stick again.




I also implemented a new procedure I have been developing for an improved shaft finish. I am always looking for ways to get a little more from my work. Smooth shaft finishes have always been very important to me. The process takes several days to complete and yields a well sealed but extremely smooth finish. This process will be my new standard for finishing shafts and I hope my customers enjoy it.

Greg if your reading this your cue will go out on Monday.

I will also be making some special announcements in the coming months.