A Nice Email

I recently received a very nice email from Danny Bankston. I asked Danny if I could share it with you. It's a nice reminder of why I build cues. Thank you again Danny for taking the time to send this to me, it really made my day.

Danny writes...

"Bryan, I just wanted you to know how happy I've been with the cue I purchased from you.  It's been over ten years now, it's still perfectly straight and the leather wrap still looks amazing.  I have used it nearly everyday and it still hits like day one.

In 1963 my dad gave me a open account at the neighborhood pool hall, I fell in love with the game and to this day I still get butterflies when I get near a table.  I've owned many cues but this one is tops, it really makes me smile each and every time I use it.

Thank you,

Danny Bankston Phoenix / S. F. bay area"