Reserve your next cue now

I have 17 pieces of various cored exotics. None of these have been spoke for yet and any of them would be a great choice. The least expensive cue would $420 shipped (no rings, linen wrap and one shaft). Delivery time could be as short as 2 months.

I will be updated this post marking any piece that have been spoken for. 

Here is the list...

  1. Figured Asian Satinwood (now sold)
  2.  Curly Maple (great figure) 
  3.  Wenge (now sold)
  4.  Central American Rosewood
  5.  Figured Asian Satinwood (now sold) 
  6.  Tulipwood A
  7.  Tulipwood B
  8.  Birdseye Maple A (now sold) 
  9.  Birdseye Maple B (great figure/small mineral spot)
  10.  Birdseye Maple C (great figure/small mineral spot) 
  11.  Birdseye Maple D (now sold) 
  12.  Birdseye Maple E (great figure) 
  13.  Curly Maple (great figure) 
  14.  Purpleheart (now sold) 
  15.  Hububalli
  16.  Afromosia (now sold) 
  17. African Blackwood (now sold) 

If you are interested in a fine cue made from any of these please call or message me to reserve your pieces. Pieces are listed from left to right.