How it works...

  • I primarily build basic cues along with 4, 6 and 8 point cues.
  • Email me with your design idea and I will send you a quote.
  • If you decide to order let me know and I will make up the invoice. 
  • I will send you the invoice for your final confirmation and approval.
  • Delivery dates are estimates only.
  • I ask for a 25% deposit to help with material costs.
  • I accept PayPal and Google Checkout (no user account needed) for online payments.
  • If needed I can break your deposit into 2 payments.
  • Your balance isn't due until the cue is ready.
  • If time permits I will shoot pictures of your cues progress and send them to you.
  • When the cue is ready I'll shoot some nice pictures of it.
  • I ship you your new BCM cue by priority mail!

Ordering a custom cue from a one man shop is a process that requires patience on the builders as well as the customers part. My job is to do the the very best work I can on your order and that requires me to pay close attention to all the little details. It is all those little details that add up to what will be your BCM cue. I want them to be right and for you to be happy with the end result. I am grateful for all of the customers in the past who have patiently waited for my work and for those future customers thinking of ordering a cue with me.

Thank you,

Bryan Mordt